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In the columns to the right I'm posting links to some of my writing.  Click on the titles to view the completed work.  You may notice the publications aren't very recent.  That's because I've been focusing my creative energies on creating websites rather than publishing my writing.  Everything is copyrighted and for sale.

Writing Samples


 "The Milkman and Me" published in the December, 2006 edition of the "Good Old Days" magazine



Julie Wilke Profile Published in Beloit College Magazine.  Spring 2007


Ski Tejeda Profile - "A Grandmother and a Linebacker" Published in the Hill Country News, Cedar Park, Texas, April 13, 2011



"Stitches"  published in a Canadian Humor Magazine, "Stitches" in May 2006


"Socks" published in my blog July 24, 2011


"Funny Daddy" - Published way back in December, 1975, my first experience in getting paid for having fun.  Writing it was fun.  About my experience as a department store santa




You may want to consider including a blog with your website.

A blog is a great way to generate traffic to your website and improve your standing with search engines.  But it can be a lot of work, coming up with frequent (weekly?) posts. You need to post a couple times a week, so you need to have a good supply of material.  So far none of my website clients has opted for a blog - they recognize their time is better spent conducting their business. 

My Blog - I created a blog and kept it alive for two and a half years.  It is still getting hits, even though I stopped posting in fall of 2013.  For more on my personal blogging experience, click:  Read more

My Book

1book51[1]Does your business have a story to tell?  Is there a book to be written?  

My blog led to my book.  I published through a POD (Print on Demand) publisher.  This is a vehicle for publishing a book where the audience isn't very large.  My limited audience was fans and supporters of the Austin Outlaws football team.  Maybe you have fans who would enjoy a book about your business? If you've thought you'd like to put your story in a book, maybe I can help.  

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