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Getting your domain (website name, URL)

Setting up hosting 



Your Cost

Note: Costs are approximate. I may be able to save you money on hosting and design.

Website Name (also known as URL or Domain) - about $15/year

Hosting (computer to display your site 24/7) - about $10/month

Content and Design - $600 or less, one time cost


Small Business

The Backbone of our economy

RR Muffler


I've always admired people who can make things happen, create jobs, provide services, meet needs.  Like Connie at Round Rock Muffler. For over twenty-five years Round Rock muffler has been keeping my cars running. Connie, the owner, is expert on all things automotive but not on websites. I offered to help..

Connie's site was the most challenging project I've taken on, because her garage offers so many services.  You can click on the photo to visit the result.  I'm still tweaking her site from time to time - at no charge to her, because I'm doing this for my own satisfaction (as well as the money).  


Your Website

Customers expect you to have a website.  Your websites is an inexpensive but powerful tool for presenting your business in the best possible light.


A website should be easy to navigate, clean in appearance, with photos and/or icons to add visual appeal. In addition to a "Home" page, your site may include:

"About" page
Where you tell your story and why people come to you for the product or service you provide
 "Services" page(s)
List and description of services you provide.  You'll be able to have one page with a list and then individual pages where you expand on each of your services
"Contact" page
Your phone number, address (with map), and "email-us" form 


Photos of your business product; Videos, too
Providing frequent updates and news of interest to your customers
Links  to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts if you have them. Possibly links to other websites that may benefit your customers.




Sounds like a lot of work?  It is.  But easier if you let my sister and me do it for you.  Call Dennis, 512-964-5863 or Chris, 602-510-0000, or email - just click on the "Contact" button:

Below are a few examples of others who let us help.  Click on any logo/image to view the complete site.






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