Need Images?

Maybe I can help

But I don't do weddings...


Photography is included when we do your website.  As many or few photos as you may need.  I used the term "Images" above because websites use lots of visuals that aren't photographs - such as icons, videos, drawings, diagrams.  We'll help you obtain whatever "images" you need to make your site effective.  One caveat on photography - I'm pretty good with my Nikon camera but not a professional photographer,  That's why I leave wedding photography to the real professionals.

For Your Website

Your Photos 

Most of our clients have had their own photos.  We've adapted them for internet display. (without damaging the orginals): 
         Crop to fit  irregular size places on the website
Set image resolution for maximum quality display
Set file size permits speedy loading 


Original Photos

I love doing photography.  If your business is in the area of Round Rock, Texas, you'll enjoy the benefit of Dennis with his Nikon, shooting photos for your website,





Stock Photos

There are many sources for photos, some for a price, some for free.  The computer photo I used on my home page came from a supplier of free photos.  


Other Images - Icons, maps, videos 

Sometimes icons work better than photos.  I used Icons on my home page, lots of icons with my Round Rock Muffler website.  Icons may be purchased, or sometimes obtained at no cost.  Likewise, maps and videos can be integrated to your website, often at little or no cost to you.



Special Projects

Having a grand opening?  

Setting up a booth at a convention?

Working on a project for which you'd like a photographic record?

Ask me about being your staff photographer.  You can visit my galleries page for a few samples of the  what I can do.