My Book

11 Hearts, 11 Helmets, 1 Goal

The Austin Outlaws Women's Professional Football Team


My first book.  Produced to recognize and honor amazing women who put on helmets and pads and compete in full-contact, NFL rules, football.

I responded to a "blog-to-book" service.  I had a ton of blog posts.  The service suggested I publish them in book form.  My blog had book-like material, profiles of football players, humor, commentary on the sport.

Enough material to form a 170 page book.

It is published through, a POD (Print on Demand) publisher.  POD is a cool way to publish books where the market is limited. POD books cost more than mass-published books.  When you include lots of color photos, the price goes way up - my book sells for $58.96.  It is also available in PDF format for only $5.

The book contains profiles of several Outlaw players, (such as Lorin Smith featured in the page displayed below), humor, commentary on the Austin Outlaws and women playing football, with hundreds of photos.



If you'd like to check the book in more detail, click here to visit my catalog page where the book is listed.




Your Book?

Help with your website

Help with your book?

I've been focused on doing websites for small businesses, but I'm available to help with your other projects.  

Some businesses publish books about the history of the company, or booklets explaining facets of their trade that don't fit well in a website.  

POD (Print on Demand) publishing is a way to publish books where the potential audience is limited.  My possible audience numbered in the low hundreds - fans and friends of Austin Outlaws.  Using POD, you only pay for the number of books you'll actually need - as few as one or two.

The book isn't printed until someone orders a copy. This in contrast to traditional publishers producing hundreds of copies with the expectation of selling hundreds. Your book/booklet can also be offered in PDF format, for a substantially lower price.  

If you'd like to publish a book or booklet, let's discuss the project and I'll quote you a price for my part.  As a guideline, my pricing will be about $200/day.