In May, 2011, I launched my first blog

Women Who Play Football Plus

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OutlawsIt was inspired by the Austin Outlaws women's professional football team. I became acquainted with the Outlaws because of my love of sports photography. I had visions of being a smaller version of a Dallas Cowboys photographer. I shot thousands of photos at Outlaw games and practices, published articles on the Outlaws website, and then created a successful blog showcasing the team as well as my photos and writing.

For me blogging was a natural showcase for a writer, who wants to be read, and a photographer, who wants photos to be appreciated.

For you, a blog may be a showcase for your business.


I discontinued posting to my blog in September of 2013, to devote my time and energy to websites. The blog is still getting hits - and has had 39,645 page visits since inception.

My blog is imperfect. I published it through That worked but WordPress is now the more popular format for blogs. It did provide a good base for gaining experience in blogging. And it convinced me that blogging is just plain fun.

Fun for me. You may be so busy running a business that you don't have time for the fun of two or three blog posts per week.

Experts on website design recommend linking your website to a blog. Search engines like active sites. A site with an active blog qualifies as "active" and tends to move up closer to the top of when it matches a user's search criteria.

If you'd like to create a blog, or add a blog to your website, I can help