About Me

websiteEdited I've always enjoyed photography and free lance writing.  More recently I've developed an interest in website design - and I'm kinda good at it.  I'm retired after a 33 year career with a great insurance company. In my insurance career I was privileged to work closely with agents and grew to admire them, and entrepreneurs in general.  People who create value, who are willing to be measured by actual accomplishments, who get things done. Retirement, for me, is an opportunity to pursue my interests and maybe contribute to the success of people I admire.  I reside in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.   

My Business

If you're running a small business, like Connie (Round Rock Muffler), or my friend Ron (Arthur's Aire), or Matt (The Greener Side Landscaping)   my little business may be for you.  I'm taking on one small business at a time, about one each week, and handling all the nitty stuff involved in creating and publishing a professional looking websites - for $600 - or even less if your site is uncomplicated.
Retirement - I don't want to spend it in a rocker.  Doing websites and related projects for small businesses keeps me engaged,  and gives you a unique solution to your internet challenges. You'll get highly personalized service for a modest price.

Serving a few small businesses

Websites - Less expensive than the yellow pages 

Your Cost

Note: The costs below are approximate. I may be able to save you money on hosting and design.

Website Name (also known as URL or Domain) - about $15/year

Hosting (computer to display your site 24/7) - about $10/month

Content and Design - $600 or less, one time cost



Because you're too busy running a business...

You want a website, or to update the one you have, but you're busy managing your business.  You want someone to relieve you of all the tedium involved in planning, publishing, and maintaining your place on internet.  Without costing a fortune.   Maybe I can help... 


Because I'm not...

...too busy, that is.  I'm retired.  Doing websites is my idea of having fun.  I've worked through the tedious mind-numbing process of designing, writing, setting up.  And I'd love to help you.  With as little or as much help as you want.  Not just websites.

Meet my partner...

Me-from-DennyThis is my sister, Chris Styes.  She is retired from a career in telecommunications and resides in Tucson, AZ. She is the sales side of our business, which is why we have several clients in the Tucson area, where she lives.  She's also strong on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and on measuring results.   

RR Muffler

Small Business

The Backbone of our economy

I've always admired people who can make things happen, create jobs, provide services, meet needs.  Like Connie at Round Rock Muffler. For over twenty-five years Round Rock muffler has been keeping my cars running. Connie, the owner, is expert on all things automotive but not on websites. I offered to help...

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Too Much Reading?

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